The T.I.E. Family of Brands

Fanuc Replacement parts fast

The largest 3rd party supply of Fanuc replacement CNC and Robotics parts in North America. Our investment in dozens of control systems allows us to deliver an unmatched level of quality in all our refurbished or repaired part. Every part is tested under load and we stand by our work with a 1-year in-service warranty.


Automation Repair

T.I.E. specializes in repair of industrial automation equipment for machine shops and the metalworking and manufacturing industry. Our expert technicians can service and repair over 275 brands, and all of our work is backed by our 1-year in-service warranty.

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Robot Refurbishment and Lifecycle Support

Now part of T.I.E.! We provide total robot refurbishment, restoring your robot to a reliable/dependable condition meeting the OEM specifications of repeatability. We can then paint your robot to the original OEM color schemes or to your custom preference with a precise detailing finish!


Who we are

We offer fast turn around on part sales, technical support, refurbishment and repairs to keep your operation running smoothly with as little down time as possible.

A Circular Economy Supply Chain Partner

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. For over 35 years, TIE has cham­pi­oned the cir­cu­lar econ­o­my, empha­siz­ing recy­cling, reusing, and refur­bish­ing over tra­di­tion­al models.