Mitsubishi Automation Parts Repair and Testing

Capable of testing Mitsubishi Versatile Drive and Motor Series components in a complete system including; Drives, Power Supplies, Servo Amplifiers, HMIs, ac Servo Motors and interface and I/O components.

Key Features:

  • Full system testing utilizing Mitsubishi operator interface controls (simulating customer applications)
  • Test system monitoring including fault detection
  • Programmable control limits, with upper and lower control settings

Our Mitsubishi Testers Include:

MDS-A, MDS-B & MDS-C Series
  • Single Axis Servo Drives
  • Dual Axis Servo Drives
  • Power Supplies
  • MDS motors
MRJ Series
  • MR-J2 motors
  • MR-J2S motors with S encoders
  • MR-J2 Drives
  • MR-J2S Drives
H Series Motors:
  • HC-MF
  • HA-FF
  • HC-SF
  • HC-RF

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